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Rio Sheridan’s got it bad.

Ceri Ross has obligations to the warrior community. Though she’s required to bond with her fated mate and not get involved with random unattached warriors, it seems she didn’t get the memo. None of which helps Rio: the woman calls to him like a siren.

Ceri Ross needs a favor.

Upon turning twenty-five, Ceri inherits an estate in Scotland. To avoid losing the druidic enchantments that have kept her alive since her parents’ deaths, she must spend a year at Conlan Manor. When she arrives, she discovers the old druid caretaker isn’t the only person sharing the mansion with her—an uninvited guest is lurking. She calls the security company run by her best friend’s husband, and anticipates he’ll set up a system to catch her midnight visitor. Business keeps him in the States, but his brother Rio is free—Rio Sheridan, the one man she can’t stop thinking about even though he can never be hers.

A clan is counting on them.

Hamish Buchanan has taken care of Conlan Manor for years. The energy swirling around the Conlan heir and the big American warrior she’s hired to protect the most secure stronghold in the Highlands gives him hope. If Ceri’s warrior discovers her within the confines of the manor, the clan will enjoy enhanced protections from the violent war goddesses for ten generations. If only she and Rio would stop sparring long enough to discover they belong to each other…


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