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A vengeful goddess demands a sacrifice…

Sloane MacIntosh isn’t an ordinary talisman. Gifted with the skill of the Sight, she knows her warrior’s fate. Powerless to stop him from flinging himself headlong into death, Sloane mourns a sacrifice demanded by the war goddess on her summer feast day. Having found—and lost—her warrior, her fated mate, in the same evening, she knows what it means when the goddess demands a sacrifice. Her talisman skills couldn’t stop the goddess bent on evening the score.

A druid wishes for a sword arm… 

Davy Sutherland is a storyteller whose incredible skills immortalize warriors for all time. But he yearns for the life of danger and adventure those warriors live. He also yearns for the special bond the fates give to talismans and warriors, a love at first touch that burns hot and intense, burnishing the iron of lust into the steel of everlasting devotion. The first time he sees Sloane MacIntosh, he wishes more than anything the fates had made him a warrior—her warrior.

Love hangs in the balance.

An unconventional love affair between a talisman and a druid could lead to disaster—for both of them. Sloane fears for Davy’s life if she gives in to the intense attraction she feels for him. Yet she can’t seem to help herself. Whenever he’s near, heat and desire ripple through her. Davy’s world is one of healing and storytelling—not actual battle. But when the goddess arrives, tempting and demanding in equal measure, Davy must find a way to compose a new story, one that allows him a chance at the warrior life he’s always wanted and the love of a woman he never saw coming.


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