Trying to stretch myself with new experiences while stuck at home has been a deal. I’m fairly happy living as a tech challenged person. There are so many clever people out there who can help me, so I never saw the need to become better at software and sites and whatever. But in the age of pandemic, there isn’t an excuse anymore for remaining in this state. Which means, the new things I’ve been trying involve improving my tech savvy. No easy feat, it turns out.


When I started my new career as a novelist, I knew I’d have to market and sell my books. What I didn’t count on is all the choices and decisions and TECH involved in running my one-woman press. Overwhelmed with choices, I jumped on the one distribution option for my website that seemed easiest. Turns out, it isn’t very user friendly. Since I do need tech support rather often as I teach myself my way into my business, it helps to have someone on the other end who will respond in a reasonable time. Forty-eight hours seems fair. Instead, I’ve often waited five to seven days for an answer from this site, which has thrown off several my marketing plans. Clearly, I needed to pivot to a new online store option.

This last month, I opened a BookFunnel. I still haven’t quite figured out everything attached to this new store, but my excellent web designer, Levi at has been a rock star helping me set it up. Bonus, I can gift eBooks through my store and create bundles and box sets. The possibilities make me giddy. And terrified. I don’t truly understand the whole process yet, but the thing had to go live even when I’m not completely sure what I’m doing. It feels like a huge risk. Thus, here I am fulfilling my pledge to try thirty new things, taking a risk, and hoping there’s a reward rather than a faceplant into the nearest cyber mudpuddle.

Social Media

Another new thing I tried last month was participating in an Instagram Live interview. I haven’t figured out all the nuances for doing my own IG live, but I had a good time conversing with D.S. Miller about my books, my writing process, and writing in general. If you’re interested in catching the episode, look up @d.s.miller interviewing @tamstales32 on Insta and catch our conversation. You’ll find several more author interviews on her page as well. She focuses on fantasy, but she’s interviewed authors in a few other genres—like mine: paranormal romance. It’s a fun place to learn more about authors, writing, and new books that may interest you.

I also made a “book drop” video as one of the participants in an IG and YouTube video showcasing several romance authors. I had no idea how to edit this video to fit the required format, but I sucked in a breath, put on my big girl panties, and gave it a go. The host for the video said my section works, so I’m looking forward to watching the completed project. Not gonna lie—I dislike seeing myself on video, but I like selling books. So now I’ve tried something new that will hopefully give my books more exposure to a broader audience.

Wrap Up

There it is. The month wasn’t very exciting in terms of trying new things. I haven’t stayed on track of giving three or four new things a try each month, but I haven’t been sitting on my hands either. Hope you’ve found some ways to try something new. Let me know in the comments.

Yours in taking a risk (or thirty),

Tam DeRudder Jackson

Did You Know? 

November is my birthday month. To celebrate, my entire Talisman Series is on sale for one day: November 10, 2020. You can pick up all five books for $4.95. Regularly, the full eBook series retails for $18.99, so you’re getting a good deal. Check it out.

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