The Sheridans Box Set (1-3)

Meet The Sheridans.

Three warrior brothers. A trio of war goddesses bent on their destruction. Fated mates, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, and plenty of steam await readers of the Talisman Series. Grab the prequel and the first two books to see how the Sheridan brothers fight their way through the obstacle course of gods, monsters, meddling druids, and the occasional camp-out-gone-wrong to convince their talismans they’re worth taking a chance on. “I hope this series never ends!”—Patricia White, Read All About It.


In Tracker, Riley, the youngest to his twin by three minutes, is the first to discover his talisman—his fated mate. But his cocky nature leads both of them into a fight for their love—and their lives. In Talisman, Rowan, the oldest brother, must convince a skeptical woman she’s his fated mate and their union the key to ending a centuries-old curse. In Warrior, Rio, Riley’s twin, is the consummate warrior and Scathach’s favorite. But his prejudices make him vulnerable to the war goddesses’ desires. If he can overcome his attitude, perhaps he can save his mate’s manor—and their budding love.