Book talk adventures

Though this year has started out slow for trying new things, stretching myself, and perhaps increasing my luck, it has been adventurous.

The second new thing I’ve tried so far was participating in an afternoon of day drinking on YouTube. Tripp’s Smokepit, hosted by Tripp Ainsworth, is a YouTube channel dedicated to authors and books. The day I joined him, Damien Larkin and Michele Packard were online with us too. I was the odd woman out since I write romance while the guys write science fiction and Michele writes thrillers. But we’re all authors and avid readers, which was enough in common to have fun discussing writing and books. 

Having never done anything like this before, I didn’t come prepared with good questions for the others, but I figured it out after the first shots we took together. =) As the alcohol flowed, so did the conversation. I’ve heard from viewers after the episode aired that they found it funny and entertaining. So we met Tripp’s ultimate goal for his channel. There were definitely too many shots of Jameson courtesy of Michele’s wheel spinning for who had to drink next. And we had to educate Damien about Fireball since that particular spirit is not available in Ireland (yes, he joined us from Dublin–Slaintè!) And of course, we discussed books, ours and others.

If you want to check it out, head on over to YouTube to Tripp’s Smokepit Episode 40. If you like sci-fi with a military twist, check out Smoke Pit Fairy Tales by Tripp Ainsworth and Blood Red Sand by Damien Larkin. If you’re in the mood for a fun thriller in the vein of Atomic Blonde, read the Aesop Series: AesopTeller, and Fable by Michele Packard. If paranormal romance with a Celtic twist is your jam, my five book Talisman Series: TalismanWarriorProphetessBard, and Druid will keep you turning pages.

Blog tours

The third new thing I’ve tried so far this year is sending my newest books out on blog tours. I’ve done two tours each with Xpresso Book Tours and Silver Dagger Book Tours for Play For Me and Sing For Me. Talk about a way to increase an author’s luck! It’s been a ton of fun interacting with bloggers and readers in a way I hadn’t tried before. The extra plus is all the new readers who are discovering my books, my website, my social media (150 new organic followers), and my newsletter (60 new subscribers).

Marketing is not my strong suit. I’m not much of an advertiser. But day-drinking with authors and going on tour with bloggers has been a blast. And it’s helped me get the word out about both of my book series. Win-Win.

Until next time,

Yours in taking a risk (or thirty)


Tam DeRudder Jackson

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