Slow Start: Try Thirty New Things

My Thirty New Things Happy New Year begins on May 1. May Day. It’s the exuberant day of spring with flirty opportunities (did you ever leave a May Day basket […]

Try Thirty New Things: Risks in the Rearview

One of the most fun days I spent this past year was on the sea. That’s a surprise because my stomach rolls with the boat from the minute it pushes away from the pier. On this fine day on the Aegean Sea, however, I skipped the seasickness for whatever (happy) reason. We sailed from the new harbor at Fira out into the center of the Santorini caldera on a teak wood sailing ship.

Try Thirty New Things: Life in the time of pandemic

COVID-19 In 2012, David Quammen, a writer who currently lives in my old college town, wrote a book called Spillover. In Spillover, he predicts the current pandemic beginning with a human exposure […]

Try Thirty New Things: Flashback to a Movie Premiere

Since my Thirty New Things year runs from May 1 to April 30, I can count this event that happened in September of 2019 as current. My sister invited me to attend the premiere of a film made in Montana by an Australian director about a Scottish hero. The movie was the perfect choice for concluding the 2019 edition of the Montana International Film Festival.

Try Thirty New Things: Book Launch

From my reading, I knew to expect a flat feeling when I released years of work out into the world, but I didn’t truly expect to experience that feeling. Once I got over squeeing at the idea of launching a book, I went ahead and felt exactly what the experts predicted—not much of anything at all. After I gave it some thought, I discovered what I needed in order for the book to become real to me was feedback from readers.

Try Thirty New Things: Let’s Eat!

It seems everyone has their own way of making traditional dishes, so you never eat the exact same thing unless you return to the restaurant or winery or private home where you were served that meal.

Try Thirty New Things: “Fail Forward”

Been thinking about this idea of “failing forward” regularly as I do the work to launch my first book. The learning curve on this endeavor is nearly straight up. Writing […]

Try Thirty New Things: A Risk

The biggest risk I’ve taken in my life recently is taking on the business of publishing my first book. For most authors, publishing that first book is terrifying, mainly because […]

Try Thirty New Things: Take Two

Let’s begin with a little mea culpa. I dropped the ball. Let that sucker go and utterly and completely lost sight of it. Writing a blog was one of my […]