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Try Thirty New Things: Risks in the Rearview

One of the most fun days I spent this past year was on the sea. That’s a surprise because my stomach rolls with the boat from the minute it pushes away from the pier. On this fine day on the Aegean Sea, however, I skipped the seasickness for whatever (happy) reason. We sailed from the new harbor at Fira out into the center of the Santorini caldera on a teak wood sailing ship.

Try Thirty New Things: Flashback to a Movie Premiere

Since my Thirty New Things year runs from May 1 to April 30, I can count this event that happened in September of 2019 as current. My sister invited me to attend the premiere of a film made in Montana by an Australian director about a Scottish hero. The movie was the perfect choice for concluding the 2019 edition of the Montana International Film Festival.

Try Thirty New Things: Book Launch

From my reading, I knew to expect a flat feeling when I released years of work out into the world, but I didn’t truly expect to experience that feeling. Once I got over squeeing at the idea of launching a book, I went ahead and felt exactly what the experts predicted—not much of anything at all. After I gave it some thought, I discovered what I needed in order for the book to become real to me was feedback from readers.