Out Of Bounds (Game Time #2)

There is only one truth: guard your heart.

All I want is a quiet drink. Guess it is too much to ask. Especially for my ex who will not take a hint when I tell him the seat beside me is taken—by my purse. My gaze snags on the super-ho guy in the reflection behind the bar, the one whose knowing wink should put me off. But my attention keeps straying to him. When football standout Wyatt “Bax” Baxter makes his move, steals the barstool from my purse, and sends my ex on his way, I can’t decide if I’m irritated or intrigued. After I caught my ex cheating, I know better than to trust a man with my heart. Yet when one thing leads to another, Bax becomes the only thing on my mind.

It was supposed to stop at a one-night stand.

Bax is unexpected. I don’t usually date football players. The fact that he listens when I talk is as big a turn-on as his broad shoulders stretching his T-shirt. When we hook up, he rocks my world. But my terrible history with men stops me from giving him my number. One and done, moving on is my motto these days. Though Bax lets me walk away, he refuses to let me go. He finds a way to live rent-free in my head, and to my everlasting shock, I keep seeking him out. Our backgrounds are wildly different. We make no sense together, but I can’t stay away.

She’s out of my league—like that ever stopped me.

Piper Maxwell is the whole sexy package—smart, independent, and the best time I ever had. When I wow the crowd with a pick-six during a big rivalry game, I know exactly where to point the ball—at a purple-haired hottie cheering in the student section. She insists on keeping it casual, but she is too special to let get away. I’m known for my tenacity on the field, something Piper is about to find out extends off the field too.

She thought the game ended in the first quarter, but I play to the final whistle.

Game Time.